MARINGO ist SAP Partner
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Increasing productivity

“Our productivity was so much better that we could absorb 50% more business without staffing up. And with all the new visibility, we were able to increase our chances of seizing the most profitable opportunities.”
Jason Miceli, CFO, CSDNET Inc.

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Industry solutions based on SAP Business One

MARINGO combines software know how with industry expertise

More than 55,000 small and midsize businesses run the ERP software SAP Business One. MARIProject has more than 17,000 users worldwide. As SAP partner and software developer we have participated in numerous implementation projects. In all projects, we were able to gain valuable experiences in dialog with our customers (executives, project managers, IT managers). Benefit from our industry expertise.

Professional services

  • IT – software development, technical expert, safety checks, system management , IT consulting, IT service
  • Telecommunications  – planning, putting into operation and maintenance of telephone systems
  • Consulting – management consulting
  • Engineering & architectural firms –  Civil engineering – construction planning/construction management, project management, master planning and architecture, technical planning

Engineering, construction and operations

  • Product development – packaging, mechatronic systems, medical science
  • Plant engineering – elevators, isolating systems, solar systems, water treatment and biogas systems

Retail & wholesale distribution

  • Retail and wholesaie distribution – food products, eyewear, beverages, dietary supplement

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