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Posts from the category: MARIProject

MARIProject 7.0.001 is available

Published on:

Version 7.0.001 of MARIProject has been developed because of a change in email delivery in Microsoft Office 365, which comes into effect at the end of October. Therefore, this version is relevant for users who send emails from MARIProject... Read more

Reference Story – SINUS Nachrichtentechnik

Published on:

MARIProject and SAP Business One in use at SINUS Nachrichtentechnik The Hamburg-based company SINUS Nachrichtentechnik offers solutions in the areas of radio and alerting, vehicle communications, control center technology, equipment and accessories, and digital radio at the highest technical... Read more

MARIProject version 7.0 is available

Published on:

The new version 7.0.000 of MARIProject for SAP Business One has been released including a range of new features. In addition, the German user manual was updated and is available as a PDF. English and Spanish versions are updated... Read more

MARIProject: Version 6.8 is available

Published on:

Version 6.8 of MARIProject for SAP Business One has been released. Included are the following new features, among others: Edit settings faster in the employee master The new version 6.8 allows to edit settings of calendars, vacation entitlements or... Read more

MARIProject Version 6.7 is available

Published on:

Just in time for Christmas, MARIProject version 6.7 for SAP Business One is available.  This version provides the following relevant functions, among others: Reminders The possibility to create reminders has been comprehensively expanded. With the new version, you can... Read more

MARIProject supports SAP Business One 10.0 FP 2108

Published on:

FP 2108 of SAP Business One 10.0 (SP7) contains a modified interface for add-ons. This change affects current versions of MARIProject in the way that window contents are not displayed in the integrated version. In response to this change,... Read more

MARIProject – Version 6.6

Published on:

Version 6.6 of MARIProject for SAP Business One is available and comes with several interesting new features. These include: Integration in Outlook & MS Teams: MARIProject offers the possibility to create an appointment in Outlook or Teams from a... Read more

New Version: MARIProject 6.5

Published on:

MARIProject 6.5 supports SAP Business One 10.0. We have added a large number of functions to the Web Client. Most notably, these include the accounting of the project with the billing wizard and project-oriented and cross-project purchase processing, including... Read more

Monitoring of purchase budgets

Published on:

The monitoring of purchase budgets in projects that extend over a long period of time represents particular challenges for purchasers and project managers. This is because prices often do not remain stable for all items over the entire project... Read more


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