MARIProject 6.3 is available

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The new version 6.3 of MARIProject comes with many interesting features for web users. For example, now the entire sales process, from the preliminary project through creating sales documents to invoicing, can be handled completely in the web version.

Especially interesting is the new keyword and tag search for support tickets, also web-based. It makes easier to find already reported support tickets.

Overview of the new functions:

  • Two-factor Authentication
  • New wizard to create projects and contracts
  • Functions in the Web Client (for Professional Users)
    • Editing the project master including phases
    • Editing the contract master
    • New creation of projects and contracts
    • Creating and editing preliminary projects and calculations
    • Creating sales documents
    • Creating Purchase Processes
    • Period Planning
    • Planning Schema
    • Managing authorizations for users, menus, and forms
    • Reports Administration
  • Support Tickets: Keywords and Tags
  • Templates for Support Tickets
  • Crystal Report – Main Reports / Report References
  • New Data Transfer Workbench for MARIProject
  • Other Improvements:
    • The “ServiceLayer” interface can now also be used with MS-SQL Version SBO 10.0.
    • New form for setting the exchange rates in MARIProject
    • New variant in cost center handling for travel categories.
    • It is now possible to search for assigned cost centers in the project master.
    • The MARIProject version info now shows the SBO versions and whether DI or SL has been activated.
    • Version 6.3 allows importing positions at a fixed price retrospectively to fixed prices.
    • The mode “iPad Pro” has been added to MARIProject DemoBrowser.

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