MARIProject: New version 5.7

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MARIProject 5.7

The new MARIProject version comes with 3 special highlights:

  • The Event module
  • New interfaces to document management systems and
  • MARIProject supports ZUGFeRD

The Event module

The MARIProject Event module assists you in organizing corporate events, conferences or event series. Define events in no time and display them on the website. MARIProject also supports the registration process on the website. Registrations are automatically transferred to the database and feedback to potential participants is also sent automatically.

Learn more about the Event module

New interfaces to document management systems

MARIProject provides new interfaces to ELO Professional / ELO Enterprise and CKS.DMS.

So far, printouts from MARIProject have been archived automatically. It is now possible to store folder documents in a document management system (DMS) and access them from there. In addition, scanned documents in the DMS can be linked from the preview to a new document in MARIProject or SAP Business One.

MARIProject supports ZUGFeRD

The ZUGFeRD data format was developed by the Forum for Electronic Invoicing Germany in collaboration with partners from the private and administrative sector. In 2014, an initial version of the format for electronic invoices was published.

MARIProject supports the ZUGFeRD format as of version 5.7. When creating A/R invoices and credit memos, it is now possible to attach an electronic copy of the invoice in ZUGFeRD format. This is done by embedding an xml file into the pdf file.

Other improvements

In addition, version 5.7 comes with an improved Newsletter module, enhanced time tracking functionalities and an improved installation of MARIProject in the cloud.


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