MARIProject, Version 6.4

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mariproject version 6.4

The new version 6.4 of MARIProject has been released. Among many other functions, it contains these interesting features:

  • Improvements in the purchases
    Analyses of purchase orders
    Changes in the vendor processes
  • Monitoring purchase budgets
    In addition to planning, project managers can now define a purchase budget. This budget can be approved by superiors.
    For each purchase order, the system checks each item group to see if there is still budget available.
    New Info Screens allow the monitoring of the purchase budget
  • Improvements in the planning
    In the Web Client, the triangles for phase start and phase end can be moved in the Gantt view.
    In the Web Client, the opposite side can now be displayed in the Gantt view.
  • XRechnung
    From November 2020, invoices to federal authorities in Germany will only be submitted electronically in the “XRechnung” format. MARIProject supports this format from version 6.4. Interested parties could additionally purchase the MARIProject add-on module ZUGFeRD including the XRechnung format.



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