Printing with MARIProject after installation of SBO 9.3 PL04

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As announced, Patch Level 04 by SAP Business One 9.3 was released on May 4, 2018. Unfortunately, PL04 contains a new Crystal Reports version that causes issues when printing with MARIProject.

The issue

SAP installs Crystal Reports version 13.0.22 (13.0.3500.00) on all Clients where SAP Business One version 9.3 PL04 is being installed. When trying to print, users receive an error message like the following:


.NET aims for an automatical version redirection, but unfortunately SAP does not completely uninstall the prior version 13.0.16 (13.0.2000.00). The .NET part remains installed, but does not work anymore.

The solution

To print successfully, a configuration file needs to be created that redirects MARIProject to the new version. Unfortunately, MARINGO is not able to integrate this redirection in MARIProject since SAP Business One version 9.3 PL04 is not installed on all Clients and with all customers.

The same issue applies for Web Server and Web Service. Usually the SBO Client is not installed on the Web Server (IIS Internet Information Services) so that the Crystal Reports version may not be modified.

If Crystal Reports version 13.0.22 (available with SBO 9.3 PL4) is installed, the following actions are required on the respective Client:

< V5.5.001 (10.05.2018)
MARIProject Version 5.5.001, 5.6.000 and following
main program, add-on
Manual creation
Start MARIProjectAdministrator
MARIWebClientManually amend web.configSave web.config as new with the Administrator
MARIWebServiceManually amend web.configSave web.config as new with the Administrator
(Only use Crystal Reports if service jobs are activated.)
Manual creation MARIService.exe.configManual creation MARIService.exe.config
MARIDemoBrowserAmend MARIDemoBrowser.exe.configMARIDemoBrowser – Start Administrator


Suggestions for MARIProject version 5.5.001 and following

MARIProject version 5.5.001 will be released on May 9, 2018.

You can look up in the version information (main program and Web Client) which Crystal Reports version you have installed.

Crystal Report Version

If you see one of the following messages:

  • ”2011/2013 SP16 13.0.22“ or
  • ”Crystal Reports: The Crystal Reports runtime is not installed, is damaged or could not be found. 13.0.16 (COM version: 13.0.22)”

then printing is not possible. (”SP16“ comes from .net. ”13.0.22“ comes from the actually installed version).

First print check

When opening the first report, MARIProject checks if printing is possible. When the following error message appears, please perform the modifications described below.

MARIProject Meldung en

Start MARIProjectAdministrator locally (you or your IT administrator). The necessary .config file will be created automatically. For this, administrative write permissions in the installation directory are required.


Please start the MARIProjectAdministrator as local administrator so that files can be written in the directory. (Default directory C:\Programs\MARINGO Computers\MARIProject\).


When starting, the configuration files will be checked. If you answer “Yes”, the corrected file will be written and the user is able to print again. (Repeat this step with the 32-bit version of the Administrator.)

WebClient settings

The web.config file has to be amended on all Web Servers if the new Crystal Reports version was installed on the corresponding Web Server. To do so, open “WebServer > Settings”.

Settings MARIProject

In the line “Crystal Reports Version“, you see the versions (32 bit and 64 bit, if applicable) on the right.

If the version is 13.0.22, please select “Enable Crystal Link to 13.0.22“. This setting will be written in the web.config file, and printing from the Web Client will be possible. (Note: When saving the web.config, all active connections will be lost).


The SOAP interface can also print and return the created PDF’s. In the Administrator, open “WebServer > MARI WebService SOAP Settings“ and activate “Enable Crystal Link to 13.0.22“.

Suggestions for older MARIProject versions (< 5.5.001 )

If you are unable to install the latest MARIProject version, you can perform the following steps manually. If applicable, you can manually allocate the file “MARIProject64.exe.config“ or “MARIProject32.exe.config“ in the network.

MARIProject main progam

Option A: No file “MARIProject64.exe.config“ or “MARIProject32.exe.config“ exists yet.
Create the respective file with the following content:

Bild Code

Save the file in UTF-8 format. Alternatively, the file can be downloaded here:

Option B: The file “MARIProject64.exe.config” or “MARIProject32.exe.config” already exists.
Open the file in a text editor and enter the inner content in the <configuration> <runtime> section.

Web Client

Do the same with the “web.config“ file on your Web Server. Again, a section needs to be included between <configuration> <runtime>.

Hint: if the <configuration> does contain a xmlns=”…”, please delete the namespace.

Web Service

The same applies for the “web.config“ file in the Web Service.


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