SAP Business One 9.3 PL 06 has been released

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SAP Business One 9.3 PL 06

The most relevant changes of the new version are related to the GDPR:

  • Protection of banking details
    The following banking details can now be protected for business partners and employees who have been defined as “natural person”.
    Business partner: Account number
    Business partner: IBAN
    Employee: Account number
    The content of the fields is displayed in encrypted form and the access is logged. As for account numbers, the last 4 digits are unencrypted. Only authorized users may view encrypted field contents.
    A field encryption can be defined via Administration > Utilities > Data Protection Tools > Personal Data Management. Simply select “Sensitive Personal” in the “Data Classification” column. This setting is only available for fields with the default classification “Sensitive Personal”. In the payment run, only authorized users may create or view the bank file if sensitive personal data are affected. During creation of the bank file, the account numbers are decrypted again.
  • Payment wizard
    A new option is available in the payment wizard: “Include vendors and/or customers with zero balance”. In addition to this option, the respective document types can be selected. This option allows you to pay vendors even if they have a zero balance.

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