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Features and application examples of SAP Business One and MARIProject

Prerecord project hoursCategory: MARIProject

Prerecord project hours

Prerecord, reject and approve project hours with MARIProject.

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Automatically reschedule project planningCategory: MARIProject

Automatically reschedule project planning

MARIProject for SAP Business One automatically reschedules linked project plannings; conflicting schedules are highlighted in color.

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Travel expenses requestCategory: MARIProject

Travel expenses request

As of version 5.4, MARIProject assists in submitting & approving travel expenses requests.

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Quotation CostingCategory: MARIProject

Quotation Costing

MARIProject facilitates quotation costing

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MARIProject for SAP Business One: The new Mobile ClientCategory: MARIProject

MARIProject for SAP Business One: The new Mobile Client

Along with MARIProject version 6.0, the fully revised Mobile Client has been released.

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MARIProject – Event ManagementCategory: MARIProject

MARIProject – Event Management

MARIProject assists you with the management of public events and customer events.

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Favorites for individual user menusCategory: MARIProject

Favorites for individual user menus

MARIProject 5.3 allows to define your individual menu, for example to have quick access to particular business partners or projects.

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Overview of MARIProject for SAP Business One on HANACategory: MARIProject

Overview of MARIProject for SAP Business One on HANA

MARIProject for SAP Business One HANA enables smart and efficient project analyses.

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MARIProject at a glanceCategory: MARIProject

MARIProject at a glance

Get to know MARIProject: A software solution that supports the entire project workflow, from project calculation to billing.

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SAP Business One – IntroductionCategory: SAP Business One

SAP Business One – Introduction

This video provides an overview of SAP Business One, the fully integrated ERP solution designed specifically for small to midsize enterprises.

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Project planningCategory: MARIProject

Project planning

MARIProject allows for comfortable project planning with phases, costs, dependencies and milestones.

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Project key figuresCategory: MARIProject

Project key figures

This video shows how to define widgets with project key figures in MARIProject and SAP Business One for HANA.

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InventoryCategory: SAP Business One


This video showcases some of the key features and functionalities of SAP B1 in the inventory area, such as item master data and bin locations.

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Customer serviceCategory: MARIProject

Customer service

MARIProject supports the entire workflow of on-site service tasks: Planning, tracking of services and used materials, billing and evaluation.

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SAP Business One Mobile AppCategory: SAP Business One

SAP Business One Mobile App

The functionalities of the SAP Business One Mobile App enable you to work in a more flexible way and speed up workflows.

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SalesCategory: SAP Business One


In this video, you learn how to manage your sales activities in SAP B1, create sales quotations and sales orders, shipping and billing documents.

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Purchasing optimizationCategory: MARIProject

Purchasing optimization

Optimize your purchase process with MARIProject for SAP Business One.

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Support DeskCategory: MARIProject

Support Desk

This video shows how you set up, handle and bill software tickets for support.

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AccountingCategory: SAP Business One


This video focuses on the accounting and analytic functionality of SAP B1, including chart of accounts, journal entries and project accounting.

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PurchasingCategory: SAP Business One


This video deals with purchase processes and related documents such as blanket agreements, purchase quotations, purchase orders and goods receipt PO.

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Standard ReportsCategory: SAP Business One

Standard Reports

Our video shows how to add standard reports, key figures, widgets etc. to the cockpit in SAP Business One for HANA.

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Mobile data accessCategory: MARIProject

Mobile data access

MARIProject enables mobile data access, time and travel expenses entry, approvals etc. via smartphone or tablet.

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MARI Company ConsolidationCategory: Company Consolidation

MARI Company Consolidation

MARI Company Consolidation has been specifically designed for the financial accounting of SAP Business One.

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MARINGO ComputersCategory: MARINGO

MARINGO Computers

Welcome to MARINGO! Take a look behind the scenes in our video.

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Project ControllingCategory: MARIProject

Project Controlling

Learn how to set up project budget reports for project controlling.

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Videos on industry-specific features

MARIProject in the professional services industry

MARIProject in the engineering, construction & operations industry


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