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Increasing productivity

“Our productivity was so much better that we could absorb 50% more business without staffing up. And with all the new visibility, we were able to increase our chances of seizing the most profitable opportunities.”
Jason Miceli, CFO, CSDNET Inc.

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be one solutions AG

About be one solutions

be one solutions AG based in Switzerland is a global SAP partner with locations in Germany, Hong-Kong, Japan, China, France, Brazil and the United States specializing in the implementation of SAP Business One in subsidiaries of large enterprises. In addition, be one solutions develops customizations, specific interfaces and additional enhancements on top of SAP Business One’s standard functionality.

Key challenges

  • Provide support in the processing of international projects on time and within budget
  • Project management software fully integrated with SAP Business One
  • Streamline business processes and avoid duplication of effort
  • Online access to project data in all branch offices
  • Multilingual solution

Key benefits

  • Time-saving by avoiding redundant data entries in the project software and ERP
  • Reducing incorrect entries
  • Staff has access to project data anywhere and at any time
  • Up-to-date reporting at the touch of a button

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