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Increasing productivity

“Our productivity was so much better that we could absorb 50% more business without staffing up. And with all the new visibility, we were able to increase our chances of seizing the most profitable opportunities.”
Jason Miceli, CFO, CSDNET Inc.

Reference story of an IT consulting firm


Lezama specializes in dismantling & demolition of industrial plants and soil decontamination. Since 25 years, Lezama has been successfully conducting demolition and decontamination projects, from preparation, planning and realization to safety and quality control. Within the context of the project, the company relies on an extensive pool of machines.

Key Challenges

  • Replacing the heterogeneous software landscape
  • Reducing time for administration
  • Faster access to information


  • Implementation of integrated ERP and project management software in only 2 months
  • Flexible, scalable and extensible solution
  • Intelligent data access supports decision making
  • Increase in productivity
  • Better cost control in projects


The reference video is available in Spanish with English subtitles.


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