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Better Cost Control

“Better cost control in the project, thanks to SAP Business One and MARIProject.” – Lezama

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MARIProject for SAP Business One, the complete solution for Engineering, Construction and Operations (EC&O)

For order-related development (Engineer to Order), individual projects or prototype production.

MARIProject, the project management solution for SAP Business One, is successfully used by a large number of small and midsize businesses in the “Engineering, Construction and Operations” industry. Along with the main system (Fat Client), MARIProject has a Web Client and an app (Mobile Client). This way, MARIProject supports modern, mobile project management.

MARIProject extends the popular ERP solution, SAP Business One, with the following functions, among others:

  • Time-saving quotation costing
  • Gantt planning for all resources: employees, items, equipment
  • Project-oriented procurement
  • Flexible time and travel expenses recording
  • Simple and complete accounting
  • WIP calculation (value of plants under construction)
  • Web-based tool for the maintenance of plants
  • Dynamic dashboards for project analysis

Since all data is available in one system, you always have all up to date project data at your fingertips, in the back office or via mobile devices. Your colleagues do not need to transfer time sheets from one system to another with a time-consuming and error-prone way. You do not have to wait until A/P or A/R invoices are forwarded to you so that you can enter costs or revenues in your project Excel list. You press a button and receive individually designed, meaningful reports and dashboards on your project. This way, you have your project under control at all times.


Calculate projects efficiently

MARIProject simplifies quotation costing because you have automated access to current purchase and sales prices for all item and services from SAP Business One’s ERP system. In addition, you can use flexibly configurable specifications, for example, for the overhead calculation common in the EC&O industry. It is possible to change the price for each individual position. During the calculation, you can see directly how the change affects your margin. Once the calculation is complete, you can create the sales quotation with just a few mouse clicks.

Project-related purchases

MARIProject supports project-related purchase processes, for example, through the automatic determination of the most favorable vendor and the cheapest prices for the items in the quotation. The costs are automatically assigned to the project. MARIProject displays the current delivery status at item level throughout the entire project workflow.

As of version 6.5, it is possible to monitor purchase budgets. If a previously defined budget is exceeded, for example, the employee can only complete the purchase process after the new budget has been approved by the responsible colleague.

Costs and resources planning

With MARIProject you can plan your project systematically from the beginning, with phases, milestones, costs, revenues, etc. MARIProject allows uniform planning of all resources (employees, pools, items, equipment) in the Gantt view. Time and costs planning is carried out in one step because the costs per resource are already stored in the system. In addition, general costs (electricity, telephone, etc.) can also be planned for specific projects.

In the capacity display, you can see whether the resource is available at the desired time, whether an employee is on vacation or is planned in another project.

Planning to a resource pool can be easily transferred by drag & drop to an available resource.

Mobile data access

Business partner master data (addresses, communication data, contact persons) are recorded only once in the system and are then available to all employees through their mobile devices (Web Client, App).

Time recording with the App

MARIProject enables time recording via mobile devices, both with or without assignment of working hours to a project or project phase.

Enter and edit travel expenses in the App

With MARIProject you can also enter your travel expenses on the go via mobile devices. The current travel allowances according to German law are also included in the system and are automatically updated. After the entry, you bill your travel expenses internally.

Analyze projects based on up-to-date data

All project data (costs, revenues, planned and performed services, items, etc.) are consistently stored in the system. With the numerous reports, such as degree of completion, target/actual comparison of hours, etc. you have an overview of the current status of the project at any time at the push of a button. In addition to the more of 200 standard reports, you can define your own analyses, for example, a project breakeven analysis or an earned value analysis.

Check project controlling

Flexible project billing

MARIProject supports the common billing types in the EC&O industry, such as fixed price, at cost, down payment, etc. You can also define cost limits in the project to prevent budget overruns.

Plants under construction / Work in Progress (WIP)

With a flexible calculation tool, you can determine the value of plants under construction using a wide variety of evaluation methods, such as “Percentage of completion” or “Earned Value”. The data is then automatically posted in SAP Business One.

Maintenance & repair of plants

After project completion, many construction engineers take over maintenance and repair of the new installation. For this purpose, they use the service module of MARIProject. It enables planning, processing and billing of maintenance or repair processes according to the specifications for the installations stored in the system.


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