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MARI Company Consolidation enables you to consolidate G/L accounts quickly and reliably across multiple companies.

MARI Company Consolidation

Add-on for SAP Business One

  • MARI Company Consolidation is an easy-to-use add-on to SAP Business One.
  • It is used to combine total and balance lists of companies of a group into one overall company.

You need to set up accounts, currencies, etc. only once.

MARI Company Consolidation allows to consolidate your source companies into one target company.

Before the first consolidation, you define basic settings such as the source companies to be consolidated, the respective share and exchange rates, if applicable. You also assign target accounts to the respective source accounts and specify which accounts should not be consolidated.

picture source and target company

Consolidation at the push of a button

Once the basic settings have been completed, monthly consolidation takes place automatically.

You can still flexibly adjust changes.

Availability of MARI Company Consolidation

MARI Company Consolidation is available OnPremise as well as in the Cloud.

It can be used across industries and is available in English, German, French and Spanish.

Interested in MARI Company Consolidation?

If you are interested, please contact a local MARINGO partner. On our Partner page, you can find MARINGO partners in your area.