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Integrated project management

If your company currently uses several different tools for project management, MARIProject may be the ideal choice for you: As an integrated software, duplicate entries will belong to the past, and all employees will have the same level of information.

Make faster, better decisions

“The solution enables us to work with a single, accurate source for all critical, up-to-the-minute business data. This gives managers a complete view of the status of current projects.” – GCA

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The software for project-oriented small and midsize businesses

Many companies use multiple software applications for customer data, project planning, time tracking, accounting and project analysis. The main downside of this heterogeneous software landscape is that data must be recorded several times – and duplicate data entries are time-consuming and error-prone. When a company grows and several employees are engaged with project management, this might also lead to confusion because it is no longer obvious which data is accessed by whom.

MARIProject is integrated into the ERP solution SAP Business One; this means there is one system for all data. Each employee has access to the same database; this ensures consistent project management – whether it comes to business partner master data, project calculation, planning, resource management, time tracking or billing. The big advantage: Processes are optimized, you obtain real-time project analyses and always keep track of your projects.

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Which version is suitable for you?


With the OnPremise version of MARIProject, you acquire software licenses that are maintained with your business data on your premises. The employees with an appropriate permission have access to the business data and are able to add new data by using their mobile devices.

If you decide to run MARIProject and SAP Business One as an on-premise solution, you will manage all software updates by yourself. MARINGO provides the necessary upgrades. The sales price is based on the number of licenses and the software maintenance agreement.

OnDemand (Cloud Solution)

It is also possible to run MARIProject “on-demand” as a so-called cloud solution. This means SAP Business One and MARIProject including all business data are installed at a hosting provider and are maintained (hosted) by this provider. It is possible for your employees to access the data via computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. So you can focus on your core business activities, not servers, hardware or software to maintain. The calculation of the price for the on-demand version is based on a monthly rental fee per employee plus installation costs.


MARIProject and SAP Business One are even more powerful thanks to SAP HANA. The in-memory technology accelerates data retrieval and provides graphical reports within seconds. Special hardware is required for in-memory technology.

Implementation of MARIProject with SAP Business One

What costs do you have to expect?

The costs for the introduction of MARIProject and SAP Business One in your business consist of several components: license fees, implementation costs, migration of data and customization to existing solutions if necessary and employee training.

The challenge is to find the solution (OnDemand, OnPremise or SAP HANA) that best suits your needs and pays off quickly for your business. Please contact us to find the right solution for your business. We will be pleased to help you identify the best solution for your individual needs.


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