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Transparent resource planning
  • MARIProject shows whether a resource is available at the scheduled time.
  • If “not available”, MARIProject displays the project in which the resource is planned.
  • Employees’ vacation days are also automatically displayed.

All resources precisely in view

Thanks to special planning views, such as the availability display.

When it comes to project planning, you need to find out quickly whether a resource is available. In MARIProject, you can see directly whether the required employee is available at a particular time, if he or she is on holiday or scheduled in another project. This saves you time and nerves, and you also gain planning security.

  • The so-called “availability display” in the Gantt planning view applies to all resources, employees as well as equipment or rooms.

If you have initially planned with resource pools for your sales quotation, MARIProject facilitates resource planning with the view “Resource Pool + Employee”. For example, you select the resource pool “Consultant” and see directly which consultants are available in your company at the desired time.

  • Then you distribute the pool planning to individual resources simply by drag and drop.

For the planning of sales quotations, you use the period planning. It contains all project phases with your estimate of the duration. If necessary, your colleagues access this planning view and enter the number of hours they would schedule for this task. This is an important support, because you can show these values in your sales quotation for comparison.

  • The period planning supports the cooperation in your team. Furthermore, it is a valuable support for the preparation of the sales quotation and forms the basis for the day planning once the sales quotation has been accepted.

Plan time and costs in one process

All resources (employees, items, equipment) are stored in the system with purchase and sales prices. When performing a day planning in the Gantt view, MARIProject automatically takes over the stored costs in the background. This saves time and reduces transmission errors.

All resources are planned in the same way. In the tool tip, MARIProject shows costs and revenues of the planned resource – also in the Gantt planning. If you change the planning, MARIProject automatically updates costs and revenues. This way you keep your project under control.

Gantt planning in MARIProject


Structure projects in phases

MARIProject offers the possibility to structure projects in phases with any number of sub-phases. You set milestones and store dependencies between the project phases. The dependencies can be marked in more detail, for example with a definable distance, finish-to-start or start-to-finish relation.


Data exchange with Microsoft Project and Outlook

Once the project planning has been completed, you can use MARIProject to synchronize the planning with business partners and to transfer project dates directly to the Outlook calendar of the scheduled employees.


Video: Resource planning with MARIProject

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