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Enhanced customer service
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Service module for customer service

Plan, execute and bill maintenance services and repair operations with MARIProject


Rely on already defined product and customer information while planning orders. Schedule dates and maintenance intervals, specify the duration of a service task and the envisaged employees.

During the planning, the system generates directly an overview of costs for the sales quotation. In addition, you are able to define check lists which can be used by the service staff on their mobile handheld devices (smartphone, tablet).

Processing & documentation

After placement of the order, the pick and packing lists are used to equip the service vehicle. The service technicians view the planned service tasks including all customer information (address, geo-information of the customer location) on their mobile handheld devices.

They document their approach on the spot, add if necessary the used materials and use the mobile time tracking and travel expenses entry. Finally, the customer confirms the completion of the service task by his signature.

Billing & reporting

Immediately upon completion of the data entry, the order can be billed to the customer and the data is posted automatically.

Because all data is available in one system, you can also track the success of the customer service in daily up-to-the-minute reports.


Service tasks under control: from planning to reporting

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