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Flexible Time Sheet and Travel Expenses Entry

Record project time and travel expenses wherever you are:

  • from your office desktop computer
  • on the road via smartphone or
  • from your laptop at home.

Time Sheet and Travel Expenses Entry:

Simple, flexible and project-related

MARIProject enables flexible time tracking, whether in the office or on the go via internet, smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS). With just a few mouse clicks, you can assign the work performed to a customer project, a project phase or a company division. Each employee can record hours himself or herself, or an appropriately authorized colleague can do so.

Recorded hours can be exported as time sheet for a specific project or with a time reference (per week or month) as a PDF, for example to be used as attachment to the invoice to the customer.

Due to the integration of the time tracking functionality into the overall system, the services are posted directly as costs. In addition, they flow directly into project evaluations. In this way, project managers maintain an overview of the project status, both commercially and organizationally. In addition, the accounting department is able to invoice the customer in a timely manner. Also, management has up-to-date key figures at its disposal for decision-making at all times.

  • Transfer planned hours: With just a few clicks, planned hours can be converted to time sheet entries.
  • Overbooking lock: You set a limit for time tracking to prevent costs from exceeding the budget.
  • Working time models: By means of “calendars”, MARIProject supports different working time models such as part-time, full-time, overtime, flextime, etc.
  • Approval procedures: You define company-specific approval processes.
  • Approval: Superiors can approve recorded services completely or partially for invoicing to the customer. This can be done also on the go.

The following video provides a brief overview of the time tracking functionality in MARIProject:


Simple Travel Expenses Management

After business trips, recording travel expenses is one of the unpopular, because time-consuming, tasks. MARIProject facilitates the processing of travel expenses by offering a wide range of defaults to choose from. In addition, you can already record your travel expenses on the go via smartphone or laptop, photograph the receipts, etc., assign both to one or more projects and bill everything internally. Additional facilitation: The current travel allowances according to German law are stored in the system.

Fast Processing

MARIProject also provides options for further processing. If the data needs to be approved, this can be done on the go. Subsequently, the accounting department can promptly reimburse travel expenses and – if contractually agreed – invoice the customer. All this without transferring data from one system to another.

  • Furthermore, MARIProject supports the process of requesting business trips. If the trip is not approved, travel expenses cannot be posted to this project.
  • Travel expenses can also be evaluated according to certain criteria (per employee, per project, over a certain period of time, comparisons of target/actual travel expenses per project, etc.). You can flexibly adapt the reports to the needs in your company.

The following video demonstrates the processing of travel expenses in MARIProject:


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