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More than 55,000 small and midsize enterprises work with the ERP solution SAP Business One.

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SAP for small and midsize businesses

80% of SAP Business One customers have 50 or less users.

SAP Business One

ERP software for small and midsize businesses

SAP Business One is the ERP solution of SAP for small and midsize businesses. More than 54,000 businesses and more than 2,300 subsidiaries of larger groups work with SAP Business One. 80% of these businesses have about 50 or less users. The ERP software can be implemented in the company within a short time and grows with demand. A solid roadmap ensures the ongoing development.

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SAP Business One helps you simplify operational processes in your business because it supports the typical processes in financial accounting, sales, purchasing and inventory. Through the use of the ERP system, these processes become transparent and comprehensible. In addition, the up-to-the-minute reports help you to respond faster to new developments in the market and to grow your business.

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Available OnPremise and OnDemand (Cloud)

SAP Business One is available OnPremise and OnDemand as a cloud-based offer.

OnPremise means you buy the solution. The data is installed and runs on computers on the premises and is also maintained on the premises. Employees with an appropriate permission have access to the business data and are able to add new data by using their mobile devices.

In addition, SAP Business One is available as cloud-based or on demand software. In this case, you rent the SAP Business One software and it runs in a hosted environment. It is possible for your employees to access to the data via computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Your advantage: no hardware or software to buy, install, maintain or update.

Implementation Costs for SAP Business One

Given the different availabilities, it is difficult to say what costs your business has to expect for the implementation of SAP Business One. In addition, the costs for SAP Business One consist of several components: license fees, implementation costs, migration of data and customization to existing solutions if necessary and employee training. SAP distinguishes the following licenses:

  • Professional User License with unlimited access to all functions
  • Limited User License with access to specific functions (e.g. financials, logistics or CRM)
  • Starter License for businesses with up to five employees.

We always recommend concluding a software maintenance agreement to receive regularly updates, to keep informed about new features and to make use of our hotline service. This is important, in particular, with changes of legal requirements, the customization of travel allowances, taxes etc.

What licenses and how many licenses you require, depends on the size of your business, the number of employees and their areas of responsibility. For this reason, please contact us. Our employees will get in touch with you as soon as possible to find out your specific needs and to submit you an individual quote. In our experience, prospective customers are often pleasantly surprised because they had expected higher costs.


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