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MARINGO's Video Archive

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Time Sheet Entry Category: MARIProject

Time Sheet Entry

MARIProject supports time recording for attendance times and project times.

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Travel expenses accounting Category: MARIProject

Travel expenses accounting

MARIProject for SAP Business One facilitates travel expenses accounting.

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Customer service Category: MARIProject

Customer service

The service module in MARIProject for SAP Business One assists you in planning, processing and billing service tasks.

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MARIProject – Event Management Category: MARIProject

MARIProject – Event Management

MARIProject assists you with the management of public events and customer events.

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MARIProject for SAP Business One: The new Mobile Client Category: MARIProject

MARIProject for SAP Business One: The new Mobile Client

Along with MARIProject version 6.0, the fully revised Mobile Client has been released.

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Support Desk Category: MARIProject

Support Desk

This video shows how you set up, handle and bill software tickets for support.

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Quotation Costing Category: MARIProject

Quotation Costing

MARIProject facilitates quotation costing

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Travel expenses request Category: MARIProject

Travel expenses request

As of version 5.4, MARIProject assists in submitting & approving travel expenses requests.

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Automatically reschedule project planning Category: MARIProject

Automatically reschedule project planning

MARIProject for SAP Business One automatically reschedules linked project plannings; conflicting schedules are highlighted in color.

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Prerecord project hours Category: MARIProject

Prerecord project hours

Prerecord, reject and approve project hours with MARIProject.

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