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Project-related Production with MARIProject

What is meant by “Engineer-to-Order”?

“Engineer-to-Order” can be described as project-related production (also one-off production or individual production), referring to the process of producing a unique item for a customer as part of a project and keeping it in a warehouse for further use.  Several business units are involved in this process: Customer Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing, Planning, Production, Quality Management and Accounting.

The challenge in such projects is to keep materials, resources, costs and times always transparent. To do this, everyone involved must have access to the latest data. This works best if the entire process can be handled digitally throughout.

This is exactly what MARIProject can do with the “Production Task” function – even web-based.


Engineer-to-Order as an End-to-End Process

MARIProject, the integrated project management software for SAP Business One, supports the entire production process, from material planning to receipt of the finished item:

  • Inventory Planning
    The MRP (Material Requirements Planning) of SAP Business One is a key component for optimal and cost-efficient order production. It provides basic data on whether and when items must or can be produced.
  • Bills of Materials
    The ERP system in B1 also supports the definition of BOMs with all the individual components required for the production of an item.
  • Capacity Planning
    Based on the bill of materials, you can plan the production task with MARIProject as efficiently as possible, with the Gantt chart providing information about available capacities of both employees and equipment.
  • Recording Hours and Costs
    During production in the assembly hall, the installer documents his work steps, records the items used and his working time.
  • Status Check
    The project manager can track which production steps have now been completed.
  • Function and Quality Management
    Quality management processes or test routines can also be integrated.
  • Various Production and Warehouse Locations
    Once production is complete, the inventory is automatically updated. The data is available for further material planning and the project manager can see in which warehouse the finished item is located.

Advantages of Engineer-to-Order

By digitizing the entire process, MARIProject for SAP Business One enables

  • cost control
  • inventory monitoring

in one system.

The video illustrates a typical “Engineer-to-Order” process:

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