MARIProject Version 7.4

03 Jun. 2024 | MARIProject

MARIProject Version 7.4

The new version 7.4 of MARIProject comes with a range of new functions. The following are of particular interest:

  • New Inbox Book
  • Extension of item master data
  • Display of “user-defined fields” (UDF) from SAP Business One in the item master
  • Document search in the folder
  • Production bill of materials now also “at cost”
  • New functions in the Web Client, particularly in “Purchase Processing“

The new functions of MARIProject version 7.4 in detail

The “Inbox Book”

The newly developed “Inbox Book” module enables incoming documents (such as emails or PDFs) to be organized and then forwarded to various MARIProject processes. The first step is to determine the source of a new document, i.e. whether the incoming document is a PDF document or an XML file. The files are then converted into a readable format and, if necessary, their content is analyzed. Among other things, the content analysis searches for the company and creditor in order to be able to assign the documents correctly. It is also possible to provide documents with a stamp of receipt. The analyses go so far that A/P invoices are recognized and forwarded to the prerecorded document. Other documents are filed in the MARIProject folder.

The aim of the inbox book is, on the one hand, to reduce paperwork, and on the other hand to prevent relevant documents from being missed. The new functionality in included in the MARIProject module “Inbox Book with XInvoice“ which can be purchased for the whole company in addition to MARIProject licenses.

Access to “User-Defined Fields” from SAP Business One

In SAP Business One, user-defined fields (UDF) can be created i.e. for the item master. It is now possible to access and edit these user-defined fields in MARIProject. Those fields include “Storage weight”, copying dimensions from purchasing to sales, selecting a manufacturer and the preferred vendor.

The new option is also available in the “Purchase Processes Overview”, the “Order Disposition, Material Releases and Material Requirements Requests”, the “Overview Production Tasks” and some other windows.

Document Search in the Folder

The MARIProject folder enables documents to be assigned for example to a particular project. Documents can be checked in and checked out for processing. In addition, it is now possible to define filing patterns for documents and provide them with keywords. Furthermore, version 7.4 provides the opportunity to perform a document search over the entire SharePoint archive.

Bill of Materials at Cost in the “Production” Module

So far, it was only possible to process BOMs at fixed price in the “Production Task” module of MARIProject. Version 7.4 extends the Production module with the option of producing and invoicing BOMs at cost.

Enhancements in the MARIProject Web Client

One of our main priorities for some time now is to make as many MARIProject functions as possible available in the Web Client. In the new version, we have successfully integrated the following functions into the Web Client:

  • Commission Accounting
  • Overview Expediting Purchase Processes
  • Expediting Purchase Orders
  • Order Disposition, Material Releases and Material Requirements Requests
  • Item Movement or Consumption Wizard
    …among others.

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