MARIProject version 7.0 is available

06 Sep. 2022 | MARIProject

The new version 7.0.000 of MARIProject for SAP Business One has been released including a range of new features. In addition, the German user manual was updated and is available as a PDF. English and Spanish versions are updated on a regular basis.

Relevant features include:

  • Keywords in SharePoint documents. Already since version 6.6, it is possible to use SharePoint as a document management system. One of the enhancements in version 7 is that you can store multiple keywords for each document. Furthermore, it is now possible to set up and use an individual directory for documents of a project. Please note: An appropriate license is required to use SharePoint.
  • Purchase / Rental of Equipment. In version 7.0, it is now possible to rent as well as buy equipment and to assign the respective costs automatically to the project.
  • Multiple Activities in Dashboards. In the Support Dashboard, for instance, activities can now be applied to multiple tickets, such as delete, change status, or switch to read/unread.
  • Create Project Documentation. Using a wizard, you can now create an overall document from all project documents in the folder, including a table of contents.
  • The MARIProject Web Client has been extended by some windows: Item Group, Warehouse Master, Employee Master and DMS Filing Pattern.
  • For MARIProject users in Switzerland: The required QR payment code is now contained in the attachment to the invoice.

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