Microsoft Teams Integration

11 Dec. 2023 | MARIProject

Microsoft Teams Integration in MARIProject

Collaboration in companies has changed dramatically in recent years. Companies are increasingly working hybrid and using Microsoft Teams to conduct meetings online. We at MARINGO also frequently use Teams in customer projects and in support to discuss questions or software tickets with customers.

Microsoft Teams Integration in Support

It has long been possible to create a Teams meeting from a MARIProject support ticket, i.e. to set a date and invite internal and external colleagues and customer contact persons to the meeting. In this way, all meeting data is stored in the support ticket so that it is visible to all participants.

Microsoft Teams Integration in the Project

With the new version 7.3, Microsoft Teams integration has been consistently continued. It is now possible to create a Microsoft Teams team from a project, including the underlying SharePoint library. In this way, all participants are not only connected, but also have access to a shared database/document base. This shortens information paths and reduces mail traffic.

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